Monday, September 6, 2010

Why do you say "it's all greek to me??"-Theo, our new best friend!

Eratosthenous 18 is moved in and unpacked! We were supposed to have 5 of us, but when we showed up there were only 4 beds, so that created a situation. Maria, who's in charge of our living situations showed up and took Alexa away so now it's just Kelly, Grace, Becky, and me. Our apartment is on the Greek 4th floor, or American 5th floor. We have a nice foyer with a little table and chairs against the wall when you first walk in. Then there's Grace and my room(s). It looks like it's supposed to be the living room, there are sliding doors to shut it, but the only thing separating our sides is two dressers. It's still really nice and we both have doors to the balcony. We have beds, desks, and lots of floor space! Kelly and Becky each have their own room in the back of the apartment. We also have a creepy room with a washing machine, a kitchen that looks like Play Skool made it, and a tiny pink bathroom. We are in love! We are having soooo much fun! The orientation part is pretty boring and extensive, but the exploring part is great! It's so nice to just sit in a cafe and watch the culture and interactions between people. Last night, my roommates and I decided to buy our first bottle of Ouzo, the very popular Greek liquor. It tasted like licorice and I am not a fan at all! After we bonded and had a few drinks, we decided to venture out. Even though it was a Sunday, there were quite a few places still open. Becky stayed in because she was just exhausted. We started at this little cafe/bar where we each got a different beer and shared. Kelly asked directions to a club with music and we ventured off. We, of course, got lost on the way, and ended up at a McDonalds trying to ask directions, but the lady kept yelling that they were closed. We ventured more and found ourselves at this quaint little bar where we got coronas and settled into a corner table. The bartender never told us a price on the beer and no one billed us, so we were kind of confused as to what to do. Kelly made friends with these two Greek guys, Theo, and the other one we couldn't pronounce his name, so we called him Matt! We hung out with them for a while, and then Theo took us to a dancing club. It was loud, booming with Arabic and Greek music, and the people there were an older crowd we weren't expecting. By this time, it was about 4 in the morning, so we decided to venture home, since we had to be at the Arcadia center by 9:30. Naturally, we got pretty turned around and thank god Kelly had a map! We ended up navigating ourselves home just fine, and fell fast asleep. Overall, it was successful roommate bonding and we had a blast! We are quickly learning our way around the city and our little neighborhood of Pagrati. There's a nice little square we like to sit in, with coffee, and people watch. It's so amazing that all of the Greeks sit for hours and hours outside a cafe, just sitting, drinking coffee, and soaking up life! Thursday we leave for Tinos, the small island that is untouched by tourism, so we're all really excited for that. Tonight we start our 3 hour a day Greek intensive courses!

More to come later!


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