Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Under the Tuscan Sun... In Corinth!

This weekend Greece was hit with an unstoppable force: Taylor Pratt! We were so lucky because the weather was just incredibly warm, which is a big difference from cold Vienna where Tay is studying!

We got to have lunch with Sam and Derek before they left for a beach town south of Athens. It was so great to see them and I can't wait until Paris!!!!

Later that night, we were sitting around my apartment getting ready to go out and Jessica, Alex, and Mary were over. All of a sudden, creepy Jacob from downstairs knocks on the door asking our opinions on two random paintings he bought? Well one was a GIANT painting of who knows what, and the other was a very small sketch of an old man's face. We were all very confused by this creepy man and sent him back downstairs before locking the door and dying laughing!

Saturday, we got up to go OLIVE HARVESTING in Corinth, very Under the Tuscan Sun/Diane Lane-like. Miraculously we made it to Corinth without any trouble! We called Jen, Alex and my Alexander teacher, and she came and met us in Ancient Corinth at the museum. We walked up to her house and it was so fantastic. I am so in love with Corinth, and honestly might move there real soon. The mountains mixed with the sea were just so beautiful! Anyway, we walked with Jen and her adorable 15 month old baby to where her husband and inlaws were harvesting the olives. We were given mini-rakes and taught how to scrape the branches so the olives fell into the tarp. Jen's husband taught us about the different types of olives they have and the process of making table olives and olive oil. They also had a TON of orange trees and very generously offered us many many oranges! We wandered the museum in Ancient Corinth after and ate at Jen's neighbor's restaurant! We had such a good day! I can't wait to go back to Corinth!

Sunday, we planned on taking Taylor to the Acropolis and shopping in Plaka. Turns out, the Acropolis was closed due to election day. Surprise? Hardly. We hiked up a hill next to it and took pictures from there, which was fine. We shopped in Plaka for a bit, then sent Taylor back on her way to Vienna! I'm so glad she came and got to see where we're living and going to school and everything! I had such a good weekend with her and am just so excited for Thanksgiving in Paris!!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's NEVER Do the Time Warp Again....

No, seriously. Time Warping leads to danger and strange activity.

Tuesday was the day of the bbq we planned to raise money for a refugee charity. Everything went so smoothly, our costumes were a hit, the bbq was so much fun, and most people showed up. Grace won the costume contest as Danny from Grease, solid night. We OWNED karaoke with our rendition of Summer Nights, and then You're the One that I Want. Very fun night!

We had Thursday off and decided to go out, even though we were planning on going to Meteora the next morning. Key word: planning. Here's where the time warp went very very wrong. We started at Mercury and moved on to Coya because our friend Petros was working. We decided it would be the night we all take flaming drinks called Lamborghinis. These are drinks for two people and they are ON FIRE. Here is Kelly and I preparing to drink ours. The picture does not fully capture the fire. Note: Fire is never a good idea... look at poor Kelly's face!

Anyway, we were going to Syntagma to go to a club called Lollipop that our other friend Grace wanted to go to. We had seen it while riding the bus and it looked interesting. We headed to Syntagma square and the whole walk to Lollipop, Kelly, Grace, and I decided to Time Warp. We time warped ourselves right up to some spanish men wearing some pretty bizarre outfits. We asked them what they were doing and they claimed they were dressing up for Halloween. Apparently, to these Spaniards, Halloween consists of dressing weirdly, but not actually as anything specific. We continued on into Lollipop, where Kelly and I are probably not allowed back...

After Lollipop, we headed back home because after all, we had Meteora in the morning. As we were unlocking our door at 3 am, a man walked by trying to sell us weed. Here's the thing about pot in this country: it's way more sketch than the US and honestly barely anyone smokes here. We were so confused, and obviously did NOT buy any! We had not seen that one here, and that just added to the strangeness.

We got upstairs when we get a text from Petros saying, "Why you left?" We realized he had gone to Lollipop to hang out with us, so we invited him over. We said Becky wasn't home so he didn't wake her up after he tackled the three of us, who were all lying in my bed. Needless to say, Mary was confused when she came over at 6 the next day (aka 3 hours later...) and we were not ready. We decided we'd just sleep another hour and take the later bus. yeah right... We woke up again at 9:10 which was too late to make the 9:30 bus. After going BACK to sleep, we went to McDonalds like the a-holes we are. We decided to go to a museum, which was AMAZING, and then shopping in Syntagma. Turns out, there was a celebrity there! He is a musician and there were a bajillion young girls swarming him. He was done signing autographs, but we marched ourselves up and asked if we could take a picture with him. He was really excited because he thought we knew who he was. Obviously, as you can tell from this picture, we were overjoyed!

In the museum, I saw a statue of Orpheus, which reminded me of the She&Him song Don't Look Back. If you are unfamiliar with the genius that is Zooey Deschanel, the song starts out with "Orpheus melted the heart of Persephone but I never had yours." I explained my love for Zooey and this song to Kelly, and we thought nothing more of it.

Later, when inside H&M, a song by the very same band, She&Him comes on! This was a magical moment. I yelled from the 2nd floor the the 1st floor over the balcony at Kelly with excitement! She&Him is not a typical band you hear following the latest single from Miley Cyrus. Kelly and I were starting to freak out.

While we were waiting outside H&M for Becky to finish buying her new amazing sweater, we saw (out of the literally hundreds of people there) Salsa, our other friend Grace's friend from Iceland! Talk about time warp strangeness!

We contemplated what we would eat for dinner and realized since we had no food in our house our options were limited. As in, buttered noodles. This is what poverty tastes like, ladies and gentlemen. However, we were very fortunate when our dear friends, Wanna and Jessica, called and said they had made dinner and would love for us to come over. We literally jumped for joy! (We probably danced too, because we are now OBSESSED with Rocky Horror Picture Show, we need a Glee-intervention!!)

We ate their amazing meal and decided it would be the night we make it to Nipiagogio, an elementary school turned into a club. Solid. We ended up at a different club, but while walking there, I happened to look at some street signs. Orpheus and Persephone. I kid you not. Kelly and I were actually freaking out at this point and cursing the time warp that did this to us.

We had a fun weekend, and actually made it to Meteora on Sunday. It was SO SO SO beautiful! I have a ton of pictures I'll upload on facebook, but pictures don't actually do it justice!

The point is, don't time warp, weird things happen. We came out of this weekend with a sparkly black fedora and a new need to make a time warp video. I highly encourage you to stay away from the mystical powers of the time warp. It's too enticing and once you're sucked in there's no looking back!