Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Team Drunchen? No, No, Team Munchen!

OKTOBERFEST 2010-EPIC.           

Friday morning, at 3:30, Mary and I ventured to the Athens airport to begin our journey to Oktoberfest. However, our journey does not start there. We decided it would be best to not sleep at all and then just sleep on the 2 ½ hour flight to Munich, so we did what any rational person would do in our situation, we went to Mercury. After a few drinks, we decided it was time! We met Sena at the Olympic stadium and set out for the airport. Once arriving in Germany, we realized drinking before flying is a TERRIBLE idea. Good thing we were in Munich and quite frankly didn’t care.

After 45 minutes of panicking, Mary and I found each other (because we had been on different flights) and realized we didn’t actually know where Oktoberfest was. We obviously could not ask someone “hey, where’s Oktoberfest?” without sounding like complete tools, so we did the next best thing: followed an enormous group of teenagers in lederhosen and dresses for ten blocks until we finally made it!

 It was love at first sight. Let’s just say, if Oktoberfest had been a person, in my book it would’ve been Lil Wayne. That’s how in love I was! We found Hadley and the huge group of DU people we were meeting and it was just magical. Everyone was standing on benches, singing, drinking and just so happy! Another noteworthy thing to mention, it was Italian weekend… This is an unofficial thing, but the Italians all seem to come the same weekend and typical us, we picked the same weekend. They were old, creepy, and so flirtatious but it was very entertaining.

The next day, Mary, Katie, Liz and I woke up ten minutes late, so we went by ourselves. We waited in the pouring rain for an hour and a half being pushed by the huge mob when we decided we were not getting into the Augustiner tent. We left and went downtown to the real Haufbrau house, but there was a huge line, so we settled at the Orlando. We got the best currywurst any of us had ever tasted, and in fact I’m pretty sure Liz ate at least 7 sausages within 24 hours! Very impressive Liz, very impressive! After some food and a few beers, the rain had stopped so we made our way back to Oktoberfest, much happier this time. We settled at a table outside the Augustiner and had the best day ever!

A few hours later, we found the rest of the big group and met back up with them. Some random man, might’ve been British (?) took us to a beer garden within Oktoberfest where we sat and hung out more. Olivia and April went on rides, and Liz and Laura fell asleep…

Overall, Oktoberfest was VERY successful and sooo much fun! I loved being with Team Munchen and honestly Saturday was one of the best days ever. It was so nice to see everyone and it just made me so much more excited to go back to DU eventually J

On a different note, I am so excited rush is over and we have the new Tri-babies! I am very proud of all the work my sisters have put in and everything looks so great! I can’t wait to meet them in January and get a granddaughter! 

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