Monday, September 13, 2010

Fruit Pants with Alkool

Apparently, my roommates and I are the dumbest Greeks in this country. You are most definitely not supposed to drink Ouzo straight, but rather mix it with water and ice cubes. It would've been nice if the bottle had come in English and told us that...

We spent Thursday-Saturday in the island of Tinos, which is where there are a bajillion churches (surprise, surprise), and old people. They had this carpeted path along the road leading from the bottom of the harbor to the church up this HUGE hill where people, mostly women, wear knee pads and crawl hands and feet up to the church. That is some SERIOUS dedication!

Friday night, a bunch of us went to dinner on the harbor where I had the best calamari of my life! We then decided to go to another cafe/bar where we heard there was this amazing sangria. This is where we found this on the menu:

Yes, Fruit Pants with alkool! At least it was fresh? Turns out they meant fruit punch with alcohol.. We've discovered the Greeks don't actually use spell check when translating their menus, because when we went to the Mercury Cafe where our friend Theo works, we saw they offered hum and cheese sandwiches. We were dying! 

After enjoying the best sangria of my life, we went to a club, which was in some sketchy alley. Clubs in Greece are not normal clubs. The age range is MUCH higher, and no one dances. Naturally there were like twenty of us dancing in a corner, getting sooo excited because Lady GaGa came on, while the rest of the Greeks just stood watching us. Once that became uncomfortable, we left and went back to the hotel. 

It was a really fun trip, but we're all glad orientation is over, although I'm not sure you could call giving us a lecture on alcohol poisoning and telling us how to get Plan B is orientation... 


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