Friday, December 3, 2010

Why I have the very best roommates ever...

Let me tell you a little story about why my roommates might be the best in the whole world.

It was a quiet Monday night in Eratosthenous 18, which is unusual. Kelly and I were exhausted from our (INCREDIBLE) Thanksgiving adventure in Paris, and Grace and Becky were equally tired. Grace was reading me a book that came out before Harry Potter 7 by a random author who wrote his own version. All of a sudden, we realized it was 10 minutes after midnight. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. This birthday means I am a) no longer a teenager, and b) I beat teen pregnancy. Very exciting day.

Grace signaled the troops (Kelly & Becky) and we ran into Becky's room. Becky presented me with a happy bday poster in greek, with tickets to all of our favorite places in Pagrati. This includes Jimmy's coffee shop, the gyro place, McDonalds, and Mercury! Kelly wrote me a song in a card to the tune of the recently played (in Glee) Just the Way You Are! Grace told me not to worry as my present would come later.

We talked and laughed in Becky's room for another hour, discussing the exact day I was born, why I was named my name, and details of the day I was born, before going to bed. Grace and I currently have a love nest set up because we're too lazy to move mattresses. I wake up to the smell of eggs, bacon, and the sound of Grace singing and talking to herself. The next thing I know, a  breakfast burrito is placed in my face, aka my favorite breakfast food!!! I was beside myself. Grace also got me oreos and peanut butter!

I went to class, and there was a chocolate croissant and a Frappe metrio me gala waiting for me. I might be in love with Alex!! I had the perfect morning!

Grace and I hit up Jumbo (Greece's version of Target) and then came back home and basically did nothing, it was amazing! Jessica came over and when Kelly came home she brought us stuff from the bakery with two candles, a "2" and a "0".

We then headed to the celebrity themed bday party. Not only was it Jess and my bdays, but Kamilah's too! Jess and I went as Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kelly was Michael Jackson, Grace was Amy Winehouse, Alex was Jackie O, and Becky was T-Swift.

We had such a great birthday, singing karaoke and a lot of people from our program came. It honestly was such a perfect night and I had way too much fun! I am so thankful for my roommates for making my birthday so special!

On another note, we watched Tangled last night which was so epic! LOVED it!

This weekend we get to do touristy things since Zak is coming, then next weekend Jess comes, and then we go home :( It'll be so bittersweet to be home. I'm going to miss everything about Athens!!!

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  1. bwhahahahahahahaha

    Congrats on beating teen pregnancy!!!